Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Stencil Girl stencils by Seth Apter

Recently I got to play with Seth Apters new stencils for Stencil Girl. They are really cool and edgy- definite air of street art vibe to them. 

I decided to use the stencils in a fabric project I was working on. I wanted to create a big fabric flag for my back deck  to hide an area in the porch. 

I used spray paints and acrylics to create a background and then painted over areas to create a focal point. I'm quite happy with how the project turned out and love the new stencils. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Painting with Tucker

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today I decided was the day that Tucker would start painting. I've wanted to do this for awhile and this morning my brain said, "today". So I got out a canvas, put on his apron and we played. Mind you, I have to help him, but i let his and my hand work together, loosely,  to create something. The first part of the painting, I closed my eyes to see what we got. It either looks like a cute bunny or a cute puppy. Anyway it was a lot of fun, a bit tiring too, for both of us, but we will do more. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Luna Parc, Montauge, NJ

I've been wanting to visit this house (Luna Parc) ever since I read about it in an issue of Weird NJ many years ago (still have the issue in our bathroom). Last night very randomly, someone sent me a notice that the owner, Ricky Boscarino, was having his open house this weekend! Cleared all my plans and set out on the 2 hour drive this morning. 

here is a brief description from the website Atlas Obscura: 

"Since 1989, when Ricky Boscarino stumbled upon the cabin in the woods and began transforming it into Luna Parc, it has been a massive work in progress.
Filled with mosaics influenced by Klimt, Gaudí and Hundertwasser, the house looks as if it had been plucked from some colorful dreamscape and deposited in the backwoods of New Jersey. Artist, designer and "King-o-Luna," Ricky Boscarino, has transformed the house both inside and out, with the interior of the house covered in his collections of homemade lamps, bottle caps, Buddhas, taxidermy, miniatures, stringed instruments, stained glass and religious icons. Currently Boscarino is collecting Mrs. Butterworth bottles and blue glass for new outdoor sculptures.
A skilled artist in many mediums, among other projects, Boscarino created a four panel stained-glass mural for his bathroom depicting the journey of life from spermatozoa to skeleton. When not working on his house, Boscarino makes and sells art and jewelry (much of it miniature versions of everyday objects, though you can get a miniature fetus and enema bag in gold and silver) and throws two large parties a year in fall and spring."

my review:

 So much beauty, art and creativity to behold. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom. The clear banister upstairs housing NESTS was exquisite. Wanted to sit in the ballroom with a cool drink, some music and a book. By far, my fav was the chapel- hands down, so cool, peaceful and special. I appreciate the recycling, upcycling and Ricky's dedication to non mainstream traditional home decor. The influence from his travels is apparent and his lovely collections (Asian baby shoes- yum!). I hope to return to take a workshop

let my pictures tell the rest:

slide show!